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Spring Cleaning; cleansing your body and mind for a completely revitalized you.

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Often times when we hear the term spring cleaning we think about; cleaning out our closets of things that no longer work for us to make room for our warmer weather clothes, opening our windows and allowing that fresh clean breeze to take away the stagnate air of winter, and cleaning out our yards and our gardens to plant the seeds for a fresh crop of beautiful plants or flowers that will bloom in the summer sun. But what if we changed our perspective slightly and thought about using the seasonal change as an opportunity to also mark a time for cleansing our bodies and our thoughts, allowing us to be completely restored and renewed in our mind, body, and spirit going forward into our year.


Why Cleanse ?

Let's consider why we should cleanse. Cleansing your body and your mind is essentially no different then cleaning out your closet. However, I find that clients often come to the process thinking of it as a scary or arduous task, so let's debunk that fear.

When we go about spring cleaning, or cleansing, essentially what we are doing is removing the old to make way for the new. In other words, as I often say at the end of my yoga classes, breath in everything you need and breath out everything no longer serving you. It is the same thing with cleansing. You are going to be removing everything from your diet that is potentially not serving you and has build up over months of stagnation in the winter leaving you feeling heavy, bloated, and just run down.

The foods and liquids that are being eliminated are; toxic in your body, could be potential allergens, could be causing high levels of inflammation, may be leading to spikes and crashes with your blood sugar and energy levels throughout the day, and are dysregulating your hormones, your sleep, and your emotions. These toxic items are; caffine, alcohol, dairy, processed foods, chemical food additives, gmo corn, sugar, soy, gluten, night-shades, shell fish, and fatty meats.

The benefits of eliminating these foods during a 14 day cleanse are that it;

  • Allows your digestive system time to rest and reset by giving it a break from having to process and eliminate any difficult to digest foods or potential irritants. This then allows your cells to begin to reginerate in a renewed way.

  • Facilitates the alchemy of your blood sugar and hormones beginning to completely balance out. This for women, especially those in perimenopause and menopause, will then subsequently result in the release of visceral body fat (stubborn hard to lose fat) around your mid section, thighs, and upper arms.

  • Removes anything harming or disrupting your Gut Microbiome, which research has recently shown is responsible for proper functioning of your immune, elimination, and digestive systems, hormone health, emotional regulation, and even congnitive abilities.

  • Take away foods that are creating obstacles for the normal functioning and self healing capabilities of the body, and in turn allowing the systems in your body to return to optimal flourishing, such as allowing cells and organs to begin to repair and regenerate.

To sum it up, in Yogic philosophy there is a beleif that we are all a part of nature, that our bodies are governed by the seasons, and that just as mother nature takes care of everything else in nature in its own way and its time, if we also stop and allow, by getting out of our bodies way, it will heal and renew itself completely on its own. We were created to live in harmony and balance, and our body is able to make the shift back to this place when we eliminate that which is not necessary.


The Process

Although there are many different types of cleanse programs available, what has been found to be one of the most benefical and sustainable, specifically for women 35-60, is a 14-day whole foods cleanse. Fourteen days because that is the amount of time that it takes for your body to fully eliminate any toxic accumulation of irritants in your organs and begin to regenerate its cells. Plus 14-days from a behavioral standpoint is the amount of time associated with beginning to create new positive habits that will be sustainable once the process ends. During the 14 days you will begin to release toxins in your physical body, as well as toxic thoughts and eating patterns that may have uncosciously become a part of your daily life.

So while there are other methods of cleansing, personally I feel that drinking a juice 5 times a day for a week is just not cutting it for me in reality. Unless you have a week you can take off from all of the other responsibilities in your life like work, kids, household chores, working out, and just sit around and drink juice and nap on your meditation cushion, that is not realistic for most people.

However, with this plan, you will still be eating all whole real foods and using a macronutrient combination method of incorporating healthy fat, protein, greens, and fiber at every meal for the full two weeks. This combination will allow you to feel energized and satiated throughout the entire process. It will also aid in giving your body everything it needs to renew on a cellular level.

But, if you have not already been sold on the process of cleansing for healing your body, why not consider it for beginning to heal unhealthy habits and thought patterns.


Releasing Emotional Toxicity

Sounds scary but it's really not. It is just as simple as cleansing your body. We just return to that commitment again of letting go of what is no longer serving us so we can make room for what is. We have to make space in our lives and in our minds for what we truly want to manifest, and if what you want to manifest is renewed health, better sleep, even and consistent energy, weight loss, feeling confident and calm, then you have to make space for the thoughts that will allow you to reach these goals.

Although, you could write an entire book on this proces, and many have, to sum it up, many of us use food and our relationship with food as a coping mechanism. Food becomes no longer a way to nourish your body but a way to cope with stress, loss, grief, depression, and self loothing.

Food also can become a habit, something we do to fill our lives or times when we are bored or lonely. For example, you're not even thinking about your actual physical hunger when you eat that chicken parm sub and box of cookies for lunch after your boss pissed you off, you are thinking about comforting yourself emotionally. Same with when you have a bottle of wine everynight with a half a bar of dark chocolate because your kids being home on virtual school is driving your insain. You are not really enjoying either of those things or needing them for noursihment, you are using them as an emotional escape. And while we all are guilty of this from time to time, and there is nothing wrong with eating your favorite foods or having a cocktail in moderation, engaging in these behaviors mindlessly can really have a negative effect on our health and our emotions, cause at the end of the day food or drinks can make you feel better temporarily but it's not going to fix what is broken.

However, through the cleansing process you are really going to begin to tap into what you are eating, when, and why. There will be a major emphasis on food being a means to nourish your body for the purpose of energy, healing, and health. You will begin to tap into nagetive habits that you may have such as constant snacking or over eating mindlessly through using tools such as meditation, breathing exercises, and journaling throughout the process. You can really begin to uncover any unhealthy attachements you may have with food and begin to change them for the look haul.


Ready for Change - There is no better time then the present

With Spring upon us and summer coming soon, there is really no better time to start this process, and it can all be accomplished with; my support and guidance throughout the entire process, all of the resources you could ever need to be successful, and a group of highly dedicated cleansers, which will provide you with all of the encouragment you need to be your best self.

If you are ready to;

  • Feel lighter, and more confident in your body.

  • Look forward to putting on your swimsuit, tank top, or that pair of shorts, and lose the dread over summer clothes.

  • Have increased calm energy from morning to bedtime so you can enjoy eveything you look forward to this time of year.

  • Have restful sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized the next morning.

  • Reduce or completely eliminate all digestive - gut imbalance issues, acne, headaches, inflammation, and pain that is stopping you from living your best life.

Sign up for My;

Lose Your Menopausal Middle Cleanse

May 7th - 20th

Click the link below for more information on an upcoming group cleanse opportunity and reach out anytime at for more information on cleansing and individual coaching packages.

I can't wait to see you inside this group coaching container!

With Love,


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