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Meet  Jill

The Journey behind Well Nourished by Jill

As a Licensed Social Worker for over 20 years specializing in working with children and families Jill has dedicated most of her life and her career to being an agent of change. Working with children and families in school-based, clinical and administrative capacities in both New Jersey and Florida, Jill was able to assess that improving individual, family, and organizational health and wellness is not just comprised of fixing one part of the problem, but rather is based on holistically implementing sustainable and multi-faceted change in all areas of our lives; mental, emotional, physical, nutritional, social, spiritual, relational, and intellectual. In essence Nourishing the whole being. 

To further assist her social work clients in being Well Nourished, inside and out, and to pursue combining her passions for nutrition, good food, fitness, and mental health, Jill went on to further her education and obtain a Holistic Health Coaching Certification (AADP) from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and also became certified as a 200hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Barre Instructor certified by Barre Intensity.   

From this, and her own wellness journey being a busy and physically active working mother who struggled with an auto-immune condition and significant food intolerances, Well Nourished by Jill, was born. Combining her life-long passions with the realistic approach to health and wellness she has utilized to guide herself back to balance, Jill will guide you in transforming your lifestyle and reaching all of your goals with a practical, humorous, honest, kind and supportive approach. Contact us today to begin your own journey to health and wellness. 

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