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Group  & Corporate Health Coaching

We are stronger together.

Guiding yoga students as a yoga teacher, and facilitating group counseling and workshops in a variety of areas throughout Jill's career, she has seen the tremendous strength that there is of a supportive community in cultivating positive change in one's life. 

It has also been shown through research that corporations who implement group wellness programs having significant improvements in the workplace, such as; improved attendance, work output, and morale. 

Group offerings are planned throughout the year, including;

  • 3 or 4 week cleanse groups. 

  • Seasonal nutrition, movement and lifestyle reset groups. (SEE BELOW FOR SPRING INTO SUMMER GROUP EVENT MAY 3rd -30th, 2020)

  • Cultivating Holistic Mindfulness Practices to reach optimal health.

Group offerings can also be customized to most groups or corporations needs from single workshops to multi-group offerings. 

Start your groups journey to being Well Nourished Now!

Spring into Summer Group Coaching Program
Yoga Class
Group & Corporate Health Coaching: Services
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